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Owari no Seraph OC - Demon - Genyagami
Name Genyagami
Kanji 幻夜神
Vital Statistics
Race Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Japanese Imperial Demon Army
Juri Fujiwara
Section Moon Demon Company
Rank Black Demon Series
Cursed Gear
Personal Status
Status Cursed
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 10
Voiced By Hiroshi Kamiya (Anime)
Crispin Freeman (Anime, English)
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Genyagami 「幻夜神, lit. Phantom Night God」 is a high-ranked manifestation-type demon of the Black Demon Series. He formed a contract with Juri Fujiwara, and became her Cursed Gear.


Genyagmi is almost similar to Shikama Dōji's manifested appearance only slightly more stabilized.

Genyagami's real form when he seen in Juri's mind is that of a young man with long flowing white hair which seems to somewhat float and glowing blue eyes. He wears a long black coat with red details and two rows of red buttons on the front. He also a matching cape over it. When his feet are visible, he wears black boots but most of the time, they appear as an extension of his shadow.


Genyagami is what you could call a noble demon. He dislikes most of the other demons in the series as he calls them weak. This is mostly because he finds their views and methods dishonorable.

He does dislike some humans for a similar reason but knows that they are not all bad as he grew to respect Juri over time.


Genyagami was a human before he was turned into a demon.

Story: Vampire Reign

Shinjuku Arc

Nagoya Arc

Post-Nagoya Arc

Osaka Arc

Forms and Abilities

  • Demon’s Thrall: Genyagami can enter his host's dreams and enter their memories to create nightmares of his host's past in order to break his host's will and take over their body. This ability can only be used against his host. He has never used really used this ability on Juri as he finds it a lowly way to gain take over.
  • Basic Form: Genyagami’s basic form is that of a black ōdachi. Even without being called, his power is immense as merely drawing him increases his bearer's physical abilities significantly. When his name is spoken by his bearer, he coats his host in a bluish aura and becomes even more powerful. It is a medium-range weapon.
  • Miniature Form: A compact form of the weapon. It is easier to carry and to hide. A special ability of manifestation-type weapons.
  • Shadow Manipulation: A special ability using Genyagami that allows Juri to manipulate her shadow to attack or defend. She can attack anything that has a shadow and can protect herself with a black space that is made from shadow. The ability also allows her to create tendrils from the shadow to strike or bind enemies.


  • Juri addresses him as "Gen" and sometimes "Genya".

Quotes: Vampire Reign