Hanael Krein
Name Hanael Krein
Kanji ハナエル・クレイン
Vital Statistics
Race Vampire


Gender Female
Age 16
Height 160 cm (5'3")
Weight 45 kg (101 lb)
Birthday June 28th, 2004
Blood type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Vampires
Section Ferid Bathory's Faction
Rank Noble

7th Progenitor

Cursed Gear
Series Unknown
Demon Nero Krein

Harrietta Krein

Relatives Nero Krein (Adoptive Father)

Harrietta Krein (Mother)

Ferid Bathory (Father)

Edward Krein (Butler, Adotive Brother)

First Appearance
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voiced By Tina

Hanael Krein 「ハナエル・クレーン, Hanaeru Kurēn」is the second main female character of the Owari no Seraph series and deurotagonist of the upcoming Vampire Mikaela light novel series. She is known as a human sympathiser among vampires. She was forced to turn Mikaela into a vampire in order to protect him from Krul.

Appearance Edit

Since she is a vampire, she has round, red slitted eyes and sharp fangs, but her pointy ears are less predominant than a normal vampires. She also has long, very black eyelashes and pale skin. She has dark ash brown hair. Her somewhat bangs part above her right eye and frame her face. Since she has yet to drink human blood, she continues to age. Therefore, she is the most recently known born vampire in the world.

According to Edward, she is the splitting image of her mother Harrietta. Their similarities are their brown curly hair and some facial features.

When she first appears at age 12, she wears a pastel green princess-style dress with gypsy sleeves with black flats. Her shoulder-length hair is down with a purple head band.

Four years later at now age 16, she has an hourglass figure with somewhat busty breasts. Her hair is now waist length with bangs that frame her face. She wears a long Victorian-style, light blue, a-line dress with off-the-shoulder tight cup sleeves. The top part resembles a corset in the back and has a sweetheart shaped neckline.

As she grows up, she shows to be less modest and more bold. The lower dress part can be removed easily when she is in battle, revealing long brown thigh-high high heel boots attached to a pair of black garter belts, and dark shorts, where she holds two Flammenschwerts that have black lace embroidery on each handle.

During the dance with Mikaela scene, she wears one of her mother’s dresses, which is also Victorian style only red, with gold designs and a-line, except being long sleeved off-the-shoulder with red lace. She also wears pearl earrings. Her hair is up but seemingly more curly.

During the Vampire-Human War while heading to Nagoya, she is once seen with a graceful white cloak, but later as it rains blood after Ferid kills a whole squad of humans, she uses it as an umbrella and throws it on the ground. She isn’t seen wearing the cloak again after this.

In the Vampire Mikaela light novels as a 4 year old test subject, she wears a simple white dress and white flats. Her hair was a bob that was slightly messy and more curly.

When she was 14, she wears a light purple, ankle length, a-line dress that had a keyhole neckline with ¾ length sleeves. She wore black high heels. Her hair is now past her shoulders, but no headband. She appears to not wear this again by the time she is the age of 16.

Her training clothes at age 16 consists of more modern yet modest clothing with a off-the-shoulder large white shirt and black tank top with black leggings and black flats. She puts her hair up in a high ponytail with a dark purple scrunchie.

During her bedtime, she wears a white wendy-style, gypsy-sleeved, ankle length nightgown with a light blue ribbon and puts her hair in a side low ponytail which is held by a cornflower scrunchie.

When she uses her crystal-skin power, her skin slightly glows momentarily when activated then glows again when it comes in contact with an object. However, this does not change the tint of her skin after activating it.

Her long, graceful eyelashes along with her big eyes were an attempt from the artist to make her ‘extremely beautiful.’ He names her as the most beautiful character in the series before Ferid. Her beauty was also praised by Guren, Crowley, Ferid, and Norito and recognized by Mikaela, Yuichiro, Kimizuki, and Yoichi.

The reason why she has more outfits than all the series characters is because despite trying to avoid it, the author and mangaka could not ignore that she has a ‘fashionable vibe’ about her, possibly because of her personality and ‘mimics’ the life of a human.

If the author and artist were to pick at least one thing from how she is similar to Ferid, it would be her playful and somewhat laid back personality, but for all different reasons and goals. The artist also tried to keep Hanael and Ferid’s eyes and smile mysteriously similar.

Personality Edit

In the Vampire Mikaela light novels, it was revealed that during her times at the Hyakuya Laboratories, she doesn’t show much emotion nor curiosity, but when she meets Mikaela and Yuu, she shows to be gentle, kind, and very accepting. She doesn’t seem to be bothered or curious about their differences from each other, meaning she is not judgmental and is more laid-back or with the flow.

Regardless and despite her parents warnings she decided to give vampire like Ferid a chance, but she later becomes to hate him after she finds out that he sucks human blood illegally.

Ever since she was little, she came to feel sorry for humans and their short lifespan, but admired them for their range of feelings and most importantly, their ability to love. She is always known to be generally kind and fiercely defensive about humans.She came to wish for vampires and humans to be friends with one another but she understands that such a thing is impossible.

This is first shown as she is very gentle and sincere to a dying Mikaela and kindly asks him if he wants to be vampire to save his life, but as he refuses, Krul forces her to change him, which bring her to tears and apologizing to him. She shows to be regretfully sorrowful to Mikaela for turning him into a vampire so much that she personally gives her blood to Mikaela not just to keep his thirst at bay but also to atone for her ‘sins.’ Ever since that day, she never forgave herself, even though Mikaela repeatedly tells her that he doesn’t hate her for turning him. She also becomes hellbent on finding out how to change him back into a human. She might have romantic feelings for Mikaela, and these feelings could be mutual.

She is shown to be generally kind, optimistic, yet fiercely defensive and slightly stubborn. She seems to have both high self-esteem and low self-esteem. She is prideful of who she is, but feels low for being a vampire in the first place. While around Mikaela or Edward, Hanael is optimistic, somewhat bratty, and yet open-minded and very accepting. She can still be very stubborn yet selfless towards people she cares about. She can also be secretive but to only protect her loved ones. In the comfort of her mansion home, she acts very lady-like and sophisticated, but when only Mikaela or Edward are around, she acts more free-spirited and energetic. While during meetings or official outings with the other vampire nobles, she acts very sarcastic yet prideful, and sharp-tongued yet silent. She also never smiles unless saying a very offending tease.

As she grows up, she is shown to be fearless in front of other vampires regardless of rank yet in front of a human, she shows to be more respectful and careful but never underestimates them. Despite Edward and Mikaela’s origins, she is very prideful in their abilities. Likewise, Mikaela and Edward completely trust her with their own lives and have absolute pride in her abilities. If anyone offended her loved ones, especially Mikaela and Edward or anything about herself, she would get very defensive and as described by Mikaela and Edward as ‘undeniably scary.’ It is shown when Mikaela or Edward is with her during these meetings and they both immediately act to her command (if any) without question.

On the battlefield, she is very reserved and somewhat ruthless. However, despite personally hating fighting, she can still hold herself up in dangerous situations. She never mortally attacks humans and defeat them without endangering their life by avoiding their vital organs and arteries or not using too much force as necessary. She marks them with her swords as to save the humans from being bitten by vampires. The traditional rule is to only eat the one you defeat in vampire society so she tries to defeat as many as she can, even with a little scratch. However, of course, not all vampires follow this rule, so when they don’t, she kills the vampire on the spot.

She is mostly respectful to humans and almost always warns them that she doesn’t wish to harm them before they attack or engage with her in combat. Even if she had to, she would use her weakest strength to not mortally harm them. She doesn’t underestimate them like all vampires do. Even when greatly injured, she has a very strong will and pushes through tough situations.

The creator stated for her to have the Rebellious Princess Syndrome, which she shows this as an independent woman who doesn’t allow anyone to underestimate her because of her animal blood appetite or supposed low noble status.

When she find her parents as demons after their capture by Krul at the mere age 10, she ultimately decides to use them as demon weapons, which is a ultimately taboo among vampires. This means that she controls two demons at once, which does require great mental skill that is almost impossible for a child to do, even for a vampire. Ever since then, she declares she is not a ‘weak, little girl’ anymore. However, this pride and confidence is what leads to the birth of Dark Hanael.

Dark Hanael/Mina Edit

In chapter 22, it is revealed that Hanael has an alter ego within her since she was 10 that is very bloodthirsty and typical of a vampire’s attitude and way of thinking but more devilish. This dark side calls herself ‘Mina.’ She appears to look just like Hanael only her ears are more prominent with two short horns and small black wings. She wears a ripped-up, strapless black dress. Her nails are longer, sharper than Hanael’s and colored black.

Mina calls Nero and Harrietta ‘cowards’ and loves humans to the point of wanting to suck the life out of all of them and thinks of them as ‘toys.’ Hanael’s alter ego is also verbally abusive towards her and her seemingly love feelings for Mikaela and wishes for her to accept her ‘true self.’ She claims that Hanael is not all she thinks she is. Which ends up to be true as revealed in the Vampire Mikaela light novel, she was experimented on by the Hyakuya sect along with Mikaela and Yuuichirou and many others and became a Archangel/Vampire hybrid as a result.

She tells Hanael that the reason she turned them into demon weapons was because she was too scared and threw a ‘childish hissy fit’ over losing her parents. She also said that Hanael did it because she was lonely.

She is also very lustful for Mikaela’s as well as human blood. Mina further explains that she somehow became much stronger after meeting Mikaela.

Mina says that she can immediately take over Hanael’s body after she drinks human blood. Hanael tells her that she has repressed her so long so she can surely repress her with ease, but her alter ego disagrees as she reminds her that her lust for Mikaela’s blood is growing consistently and is still overflowing quickly.

She only appears sometimes when she is asleep, closing her eyes, or while in deep thought so she is contained in the deepest part of her subconscious. She can appear outside of her body like a ghost that only Hanael can see. Her parents see her alter ego as a shadow, but more like an inner demon. However, even Mina senses that they are not alone, that there is a more brighter and ‘uglier’ side of her that has been their since her infancy, possibly since her abduction by the Hyakuya Church. This is actually her archangel side.

Mina also seems to admire Ferid and belittles Hanael for not noticing a connection between them. That connection is later revealed that they are father and daughter.

Archangel Hanael Edit

This part of her subconscious is yet to be fully awakened, however her dark side Mina describes it as bright yet ugly. This side could be responsible for her skins power and her bloods toxicity from the Hyakuya Church’s experiments. This is later proven not completely true.

Her bloods toxicity and immunity to Demon Weapons is because of Mahiru’s experiments on her in the Guren Ichinose light novels.

History Edit

Hanael is the daughter of Ferid Bathory and Harrietta Krein, making her Nero Krein’s adoptive daughter. She is the little sister figure to their loyal butler, Edward. However, when she was abducted by the Hyakuya Sect, she was turned into an Archangel/Vampire hybrid and named Hanael. She meets Mikaela, Yuuichiro, and the other known Seraphs and seem to be good friends. She even seems to be more shy about Mikaela, seemingly having feelings for him. During the experiments she was subjected to have her hair cut despite hating it and to kill vampires or even suck their blood out of thirst. She was mentally trained to not attack seraphs or humans so that she wouldn’t betray them.

She was then found and rescued by Ferid, who was unknowingly to Harrietta searching for her while also being concerned for her safety. When she returns home, she feels as if she was just born and recognizes them as her parents, but only remembers her name: Hanael, so going with the flow their parents decide to name her Hanael.

Along with teaching her about love and kindness, her parents taught her to use animal blood instead of humans for a food source. Along with her mother and stepfather, Edward taught her self-defense and many languages. However, at age 10, her parents were taken away by Krul Tepes because of their ‘cursed’ lifestyle and for defying her orders and eventually turned into demons by thirst. The only reason she was kept alive by Krul Tepes was because of her powers potential in the future.

Two years later, she is momentarily shown when Yuichiro and Mikaela are walking home and she see her on a balcony above them, which they are both seen to be momentarily amazed by her beauty until she disappears after Edward calls for her. After the orphaned children’s attempt escape, Krul Tepes brings her along and orders her to change Mikaela or she will kill her and change him herself. She ultimately and sadly chooses the latter and turns him for protection against Krul’s selfish and inhumane personality. She then becomes Mikaela’s guardian, whom she also gives her blood to to ease his thirst, but warns him that he will someday have to drink human blood to refrain from becoming a demon from thirst. Even so, she teaches him control against his thirst. She eventually grows to be good close friends with him, even maybe developed romantic feelings for him.

In the Guren Ichinose light novel, it is revealed that she was captured and experimented on by the Hyakuya Church along with Mikaela, Yuu, Shiho, his sister Mirai, Yoichi and his sister Tomoe when she was only an infant. She spent 4 years there until she was rescued by her father Ferid and brought her back to Nero and Harrietta, erasing her memories with magic. Therefore, she has no memory of the experiments or the rescue and thinks that she was born with her powers.

In the recent chapter, it is revealed that she is actually Ferid’s daughter. He performed artificial insemination on her mother, Harrietta, while she was asleep out of his jealousy for Nero. He tells her that he does sincerely love her mother, and even requested to raise her himself, but Harrietta refused declaring to not let her be an evil being like him. He does in fact realize that his love for Harrietta almost caused him to go insane and obsessed with her, however he declares that he will never let any harm come to Hanael.

Anime Plot Edit

Hanael first appears as a young girl on a balcony that Yuichiro and Mikaela are able to notice, whom are momentarily entranced by her beauty. She also notices them however after Edward calls for her, she walks away.

She is later seen accompanying Krul Tepes. She is visibly horrified and scared about the dead children’s bodies. However, she immediately recognizes the dying Mikaela. At first upon Krul’s suggestion, Hanael kindly asks if he would like to be vampire, he respectfully refuses. Hanael sadly accepts his request. However, since Krul wants Mikaela alive, she orders her to forcefully choose one of her options: turn Mikaela into a vampire or if not, she will do it herself and kill Hanael. Understanding Krul’s cruel personality, she understands that she can’t let Mikaela be turned by her so she decides the former. She decides to change him but on the condition that he will be under her protection and judgement. Krul accepts, but reminds her of her authority as Queen. Then sorrowfully and regrettably, she turns him into a vampire.

It momentarily shows that Hanael was generously kind to him the past 4 years and Mikaela mentions that if he had no choice but to be changed into a vampire then he is glad that it was Hanael that changed him, not Krul.

Four years later, she is attending a meeting among the vampire progenitors of Sanguinem when they are declaring war against the humans. She notices Mikaela entering the room. As he avoids Ferid, he moves over by her side, hinting that they do not mind being near each other’s presence.

In episode 5, she is present when Mikaela calmly walks away from Ferid. They exchange glances for a moment, then he bows to her, calling her Hanael-sama and continues walking. Ferid asks her how they have been lately since Mikaela wouldn’t talk to him as much, but she sharply replies if he really thinks she is any different and disappears. Later, she sadly watches Mikaela from afar as he tries to befriend some human children.

At the end of episode 6, it is mentioned while Mikaela, Lacus, and Rene are on the airplane, Lacus asks Mikaela where his ‘Master, ご主人様, goshujinsama’ is, referring to Hanael. Rene answers for him saying she is on another route to Shinjuku with the other nobles.

In episode 9, she is present with Ferid and Mikaela. She shows her sharp sense skills as she notices Guren looking at them from around a half a mile away. She is teased by Ferid about her beauty and acknowledged power when he realizes she sensed his presence as well, but she sharply tells him to be silent. Ferid jokingly tells her that she is still just a simple noble in vampire society, so she should calm down, but she utterly ignores him. When Ferid then begins to tease Mikaela about Yuu and his past attempted escape, she threatens to kill him with her sword still sheathed at his neck. However, Mikaela tells her that it’s fine, refers to her as ‘Hanael-sama,’ and leaves. As Mikaela walks away, Ferid once again teases her on her closeness with Mikaela and she uses her father sword to teleport herself away from him. She then breathes in saying that she’s finally free of that horrible stench, referring to Ferid. This somewhat irritates yet amuses him at her sense of dry humor.

In a flashback from 4 years ago, she tries to comfort Mikaela during his first moments as a vampire when they arrived at Krul’s mansion. However, he refuses to drink human blood despite his obvious pain from thirst. Hanael then suggests for him to drink her blood instead, but he still refuses, declaring to not become a vampire. So Krul calls him a nuisance and leaves, reminding Hanael’s responsibility for Mikaela and her place as a lowly noble. She insists for him to drink her blood instead by slitting her wrist and putting it in a goblet, but he still refuses and smacks the goblet out of her hands. She keeps her distance and gently tells him that she knows he is in excruciating pain and wishes to ease him from it as it is the least she can do. Mikaela is shocked by this comment but his anger takes over and shrugs it off. Right after, as Hanael’s blood from her wrist drips on the floor, Mikaela then can’t resist his thirst and bites her wrist, sucking her blood. Hanael once again tries to comfort him, promising to help him in anyway that she can and embraces him. The young Mikaela seems shocked at her kindness, but cries and accepts her blood.

In the present, after Mikaela drinks a vial of Hanael’s blood and wishes of finding Yuu within ten days, Hanael then walks to him asking if he is okay. Mikaela replies he is fine and teasingly says that she worries too much. She smiles and sits by him, replying that she just simply believes that she has too. Mikaela slightly blushes calling this a weird answer but is fine with it. Hanael thanks him for not hating her for what she did and she swears that she will find whatever she can to turn him back into a human, if possible. From this statement, Mikaela shows to be amazed and shocked, blushing even more. However, before Mikaela could reply to this, an explosion from Guren interrupts their conversation. As they approach him, Hanael states his name, hinting that they may have met before.

Guren states her name as if he knew her, but he actually only heard of her as the most feared vampire on both sides of the lines in the war. Guren then attacks her, but as Hanael calmly stands still, Mikaela protects her and declares he would have to go through him first to fight her. Hanael humbly asks for her assistance, but Mikaela respectfully turns it down as he is sure he can defeat him because he was taught by her. Then soon, Guren’s squad attacks them and vampire reinforcements assist. As she is fighting against humans and soldiers of Guren’s platoon, she worries for Mikaela’s battle against Guren. She then eventually saves him from Guren’s sneak attack and punches him away with a force that she knows would not kill him. Later however, as it is too late, Hanael begs for Mikaela not to stab Guren. As Ferid notices human backup, she notices one of them (which is Yuu) and shakingly tries to get Mikaela’s attention. As Yuu stabs Mikaela before noticing who he is, Hanael screams out Mikaela’s name in worry.

In episode 11, Hanael tries to aid Mikaela but is stopped once again by Norito, stating to her that he always had an eye for beautiful women and surely would hate to miss fighting one. Eventually, she escapes and stops Ferid from hurting Guren any further. In the midst, she is then attacked by Yuu as he suspects her to have changed him, which she confirms. However, as Yuu attacks her aggressively, Mikaela saves her and tells him that she's an ally, but not other vampires. Guren does mention that Hanael is a human-lover and hates war, but also is extremely powerful for being a non-progenitor noble. When Mikaela attempts to escape with Yuu, Yuu refuses to leave with him but Hanael tries to convince Mikaela that Yuu could possibly not be deceived at least completely. This enrages Mikaela and he raises his voice at her telling her that she doesn’t know anything about humans. However, he immediately shows remorse for his words and apologizes but Hanael continues to tell Mikaela that humans aren’t all as bad just as vampires may not be all bad either, stating herself as an example. Yuu confusingly asks her why she protects humans, but Hanael doesn’t get to answer as Mikaela insists they run away. As Mikaela holds Yuu back while his friends are being defeated, Hanael frustratingly and sadly looks away. Then, Yuu goes berserk, which she saves Mikaela from his sudden attack. As Shinoa is attacked, she fights him in his beserked state which caused her to eventually lose her protective skin. Mikaela brings her to safer ground after the fight. Later, as Yuu gets to his senses, Mikaela is released from his sword and falls to the ground. He then worryingly holds Hanael in his arms despite his own injuries. As Mikaela curses the humans for using Yuu, she worryingly looks at him.

In the last episode, as Mikaela is held back by Ferid, she demands for him to let go of him, but Ferid sharply tells her that she needs to know her place and be a good girl and slaps her across the face. This completely enrages Mikaela, but Ferid cooly takes him away. Edward comes and carries her bridal style. Later back in Sanguinem, as Mikaela exits the changing room after being summoned by Krul, Hanael was standing outside waiting for him, saying she was summoned as well. She then gives him a worried look. Mikaela notices her true intention and worryingly asks her if she heard the comment Mikaela made, calling himself an ugly vampire. She is last sitting at Krul’s Royal Chambers with Mikaela standing next to her.

In the last scene, she is mentioned by Ferid as the only vampire who isn’t conceited and finds her extremely vital to his plans as well as his human partners’. He also calls her his ‘cutie Hanael, 可愛いハナエルちゃん, kawaii Hanaeru-chan’


Hanael, now returned to Sanguiem, again watches over Mikaela from a distance until Ferid tries to force Mikaela to drink human blood from a child. She demands for Ferid to leave Mikaela alone. As the child is finally freed from Ferid’s grip, he mentions that he wants Mikaela and Hanael to attend the Progenitor meeting. Ferid then walks away with the child. Hanael looks worryingly at Mikaela, who continues to suffer from thirst. Mikaela apologizes and suddenly pushes Hanael against the wall, sucking her blood. Mikaela apologizes again, but Hanael rest assures him that she knew that it was his intent. He walks back to the other side of the wall. He is comforted by Hanael while thinking about Yuu and how painful it is to use your own family, referring to Hanael’s blood.

As Ferid requested, Hanael accompanies Ferid to the Progenitor meeting. Ferid has Mikaela show a video of Yuu changing into the “Seraph of the End,” which after Hanael gives Ferid a hateful glare. As Ferid is questioned as to why Hanael, as a mere noble, would be present, he responds that she is practically one of the most powerful vampires in their area and has experience fighting against “Seraph of the End.” After the meeting, Krul immediately attacks Ferid, demanding what he’s planning to do. However, he jokingly shrugs it off and blackmails her from killing him. As he leaves, Hanael and Mikaela look worryingly at Krul’s also departing figure.

A few days later, Mikaela gets thirsty again and attacks Hanael. He immediately apologizes but asks for more stock. Hanael tells him that she doesn’t blame as she blames herself. As Mikaela tries to explain that him being a vampire wasn’t her fault, Edward enters with a message from Krul for Mikaela to come to her quarters.

Near the end of Mikaela and Krul’s conversation, Mikaela promises to himself to save not only Yuu but also Hanael from vampires and humans. Krul indirectly calls this an act of love, but Mikaela doesn’t catch the comment and leaves.

Later, when Mikaela is prepared to head out to Nagoya for war, he notices Hanael on the hanger and gives her a worried look. She is wearing her normal wear but with a fancy white hooded cape with a simple golden chain with red beads in the middle. She hesitantly walks off as the announcer calls for all the nobles to assemble.

It is later mentioned by Lacus that most of the nobles of Sanguiem were sent straight to Nagoya, these included Hanael, while some of the nobles servants or attendees (including Edward) were sent to Osaka.

In chapter 39 when Mikaela was sent overseas while looking for Seraph of the End experiments, he mentions that Hanael accompanied him.

In Other Media Edit

In the first OVA Kanou no Seraph, she appears as a normal human German transfer student. She gets very shy but manages to introduce herself.

Kanou no Seraph OVA 1    Owari no Seraph Edit

She is introduced as Mina Krein. She is originally known as Hanael Krein, but it is later revealed that her real birth name was Mina. She was named as Hanael because of the Hyakuya Sect.
She is a human from a noble family. She is a noble progenitor vampire.
She is a transfer student in high school from Germany. She was never in an official school, but was taught many subjects and the fighting arts. She was also born and raised in an underground vampire city under Kyoto, Japan.
Edward is her chauffeur and the Krein family’s caretaker. Edward has the same duties, but he was never a chauffeur. He is also officially known as her butler.
Ferid is her biological father from a failed marriage with her mother, Harrietta. Ferid is still her biological father, but her real mother never married him. In fact, he raped her.
At first, she is very timid and shy at first glance, but deep down, she is very down to earth and open. Her personality doesn’t drastically change, but she is more headstrong and has self-esteem most of the series.
She mostly blushes at even the sight of Mikaela, but does show more self-esteem as time passes. She is more headstrong and collected around Mikaela, but still show to have feelings for him.
Nero and Harrietta were both born and raised

in Germany but taught her Japanese along many other languages.

Her parents were born and raised in Japan, but have German ancestry. Hanael learned Japanese by default.
She has somewhat of a love rivalry between Akane, but Akane decides to support Mikaela’s own feelings rather than her own. She has no romantic competition of any sort between anyone for Mikaela.

Guren Ichinose's 16-year-old Catastrophe Edit

In the 3rd volume, her name was on the list of Seraphs or Angels that were experimented on by the Hyakuya Sect. Her category was entitled as an ‘Archangel.’ On her latest file, it says she was 4 years old, until she was taken by Ferid back to Sanguinem. However, for the next four years, she is raised by her parents Nero and Harrietta Krein.

However, in the 6th volume, she is once again captured by Mahiru, but only kept underground for a whole year. She is ranged around 8-9 years old. Mahiru was the one responsible for experimentation by practicing mithridatism on her blood against Demon Weapons. She states that Hanael must be the one vampire to never die and become the most strongest. Mahiru promises that what she is doing to her is to protect her as she is vital to the survival of the world. However, she makes her forget all these memories with a serum, just like the Hyakuya sect did to all the Seraph children.

After all this, Mahiru returns her to Krul. To cover up Mahiru’s plan, Krul has Hanael sent away back to Nero and Harrietta with a final warning for them to seize their animal blood diet as it is a “disgrace.”

Vampire Mikaela light novel Edit

It is revealed that she will be one of the main characters in the light novel about Mikaela’s four years in Sanguiem. It will also describe his training and memories with her and include her ‘dark past.’

Abilites Edit

Natural Abilities Edit

As a noble vampire, she has the permission to change anyone into a vampire, if she so chooses, which has been by far, Mikaela. Even though she is seemingly not a progenitor, she is noted to hold up against someone of at least 17th rank, such as Chess Belle, whom she at least momentarily disabled. However, she can still be weaker than vampires of higher status, but overwhelmingly stronger than common vampires and humans.

Generally, like other vampires, she has superior sense of hearing and smell. She also has a sixth sense that are extraordinary even to someone of her supposed lower noble rank. Her sensing is just as sharp as Ferids, as shown when Guren is spying on them in Shinjuku, she notices him a bit before Ferid does.

During the battlefield, she shows only enough strength to slightly injure a human to make them not get up again, so she has yet to show the true extent of her powers. She is also an important target to the Japanese Imperial Demon Army as she is a vampire of noble status. Even at her lowest exerted force, she is described by Guren as a vampire who can take down at least two Black Demon Series holders at a time by herself. She can easily defeat even over 10 vampires with second class weapons in less than ten seconds.

Even though she has not yet done so, she like other vampires can improve her powers by drinking human blood. Despite this, she drinks animal blood instead, which can quench her thirst, but not for a long time and has to drink double the amount. It is noted from Krul that if she drinks human blood, she can be as strong as a progenitor.

Ironically, she is revealed to have been a progenitor at least as 7th rank this whole time as she is actually Ferid’s daughter. This is the reason for her powers to be so overwhelming and completely unexpected for a supposed simple noble.

The Armor of God (Kamisama no Yoroi, 神様の鎧) Edit

As revealed in the Vampire Mikaela light novels, she was actually experimented on by the Hyakuya Church since she was a mere infant and given a mysterious crystal-like power that protects her skin. However, she was later saved by Ferid. She has no memories of the events whatsoever and believed that she was born with it.

She can only use it on the surface of her skin for defense. However, it is theorized from Krul Tepes that she could probably use it as a weapon if she drinks human blood, but she has yet to do so. It can protect her from wounds or being bitten from other vampires.

It is also noted by Krul that because of her hard skin, it also increases the damage on a human body more than a regular vampire of her status would, by just one hit, even without her weapons. Even at her somewhat weakest exerted force with her skins power, she can still send a human away around a hundred feet.

Her power is shown to be voluntary and has no limits, but it does involuntary appear only when she’s sleeping. It is so hard that it can’t be pierced by any anti-vampire weapon nor vampire fangs and sometimes leave them cracked, busted, or repelled against her. This makes her feared among humans and hated among vampires. However, it is later shown that when Yuichiro went out of control in his ‘Seraph of the End’ transformation, he was powerful enough to eventually crack her crystal skin and make it not regenerate itself when the black blood comes in contact with her skin. However, she was able to regenerate this back after a few days of rest.

She is also very skillful at defensive tactics or Jujutsu when without her swords. This is mostly thanks to her skins power.

'Poisoned' Blood Edit

The reason for the shield to act is not only to protect herself, intentionally, but also to make her blood practically poisonous to other vampires if consumed. However, only seraph hybrids can be immune to this as Mikaela can withstand her bloods toxicity, much less realize it. He even describes it as ‘somewhat addictive’ and ‘sweet.’ Her blood also seems to be unaffected by the demon weapons curses. Therefore, she can easily heal her wounds even from a curse weapon. Saito, from the light novels, reveals that she was to be made as a ‘protector’ for the seraphs.

It was revealed in the 6th light novel volume that Mahiru was the one responsible for making her blood gradually immune to Demon Weapons.

Thirst Control Edit

Hanael is always known to never taste human blood before, therefore she has yet to age. She is also known as possibly the most recent born vampire in the world. Because of her not tasting human blood before, she has yet to feel what real satisfaction feels like yet shows great control over her thirst. She also teaches Mikaela how to control his thirst as well. This can also be aided by her responsible and somewhat sophisticated personality. For example, when Ferid kills almost the whole squad of humans and causes it to practically rain blood, she immediately uses her cloak as an umbrella and throws it away with ease.

She continues to show no interest in human blood. Even if is thrown in her face, human blood doesn’t cause her to be phased to usual vampire thirst. In one chapter, Shinoa was even thrown at her and her neck practically touches her lips. This shocks Shinoa that she doesn’t seem phased or to be struggling to not bite her.

It is revealed in chapter 22, that Dark Hanael is allegedly her ‘true self’ who is practically completely obsessed and infatuated with human blood, especially Mikaela’s. Dark Hanael claims that if she does drink human blood, then her will against her can break and Dark Hanael will take over her easier. Dark Hanael also knows that that is what Krul wants so since she doesn’t want things to go Krul’s way, she doesn’t become so pushy for Hanael to give in to thirst.

In the same chapter it also reveals that the primary way she keeps her thirst at bay is because she forcibly drinks her own blood when feeling overwhelmed. This practice is known in vampire society as ‘self-cannibalism’ and is deeply looked down upon and even known as an ‘unwritten taboo.’

Boujutsu Edit

During regular practice without her demon weapons, she shows to be highly skilled in stick-fighting (Boujutsu), which she uses as a practice instead of her actual weapon. She uses a bou, or a typical Japanese staff. The staff is a regular wooden stick with no special powers or spells. The spars rules are as follows: anything is allowed but if the opponent is hit critically three times with the bou, they lose the spar. She mostly spars with Mikaela, whom has never won a spar against her yet during their four years together. However, recently, she notices that Mikaela is gradually becoming stronger and more skilled than her.

She tells Mikaela that it was the first weapon she ever learned to learn at 5 years old by her Nero’s request to protect herself from Krul or other vampires.

The reason she teaches him boujutsu is to learn balance and control before getting used to a sword.

During Mikaela’s practice matches against Hanael, he wears a white button-up shirt and black dress pants with black shoes.

Kenjutsu Edit

Demon Weapon, 鬼武器 Edit

She is also extremely skillful at swordsmanship, which she also taught Mikaela with his Class 1 weapon. She was originally taught by the help of Nero, Harrietta and Edward since the age of 5 after Boujutsu. However, after her parents were eventually turned into demons by thirst, they become her weapons, which are two single-handed Flammenschwerts, a type of wave-bladed German sword.

When Nero and Harrietta were turned into demons, she sealed them with a certain blood contract. Such a practice is actually strictly taboo, as it's forbidden and looked down upon to use their own kind as weapons, which is too similar to Demon Gear that humans use against them. However, unlike most wielders, she never had any mental problems controlling her demon weapons possibly because of her relations with them and mental prowess. Oppositely, she still does give her blood to her swords by drawing her finger across her swords.

The sword representing her mother has the power to cause illusions by sending mist in the air to mysteriously make the person more important to them or worst fear appear before her opponent. It can also blind their vision and senses temporarily.

The sword representing her father acts as an entity with an ability to fly her anywhere. She can use them as a set or one at a time. She mostly uses her father first then her mother or vice versa under certain situations.

These have their special meanings. Her favorite game to play with her mother was hide-and-go-seek, while her father would have her watch the sky or watch over high places when they would secretly visit the surface.

Her swords are a nod to the flaming sword in the bible during the Genesis chapter of Adam and Eve. However, it could also foreshadow that Mikaela (closely compared to the Archangel Michael, who has used this sword the most in the bible) could use Hanael’s swords in the future.

She is shown to be ambidextrous, but it is not official or confirmed if she is or not.

  • Krein Cross (クレインクロス, Kurein Kurosu)

This is her only known special offensive movement, as shown in volume 1 of the Vampire Mikaela light novel. However, she has yet to use it in a real battlefield. She uses both of her demon swords to make a cross. It then starts to become a giant cross that seems to be on fire in bright yellow/red/orange flames. It can blast to long distances and almost completely destroy or set fire to an area with a radius of 50 to 55 meters (164 to 180 ft). However, based on the amount of blood required, it can possess precise aim. Therefore, it can be used possibly only once a day and requires a lot of blood and stamina to do this move, which is why she uses it as a last resort.

This attack was made possible because of her and her parents relation and trust in one another, however it is stated by Hanael that it is probably not her most powerful attack. As she states that there is other possible attacks, but she doesn’t seem interested in the extent of her powers despite her now-demonic parents urging her

Spells Edit

Along with the Demon Weapons conducted by the blood contract magic, she also knows other magic as well such as purifying basses used for healing purposes from curses and protective spells, but never curses. These spells are always produced in Latin. She can produce magical spells for mostly defense. She can either place the spell on other beings or objects for protection. For example, she puts a protective spell on Mikaela and Edwards’ weapons, in case they are in any trouble. The protective spell activates when the user says the word ‘excitant,’ meaning ‘activate’ in Latin. The real power of that spell is yet to be seen.

She can also use and has mastered bomb spells, which she proudly notes that Guren’s bomb spells are practically like childish toys compared to the ones she can produce.

Mental Prowess Edit

Along with her natural abilities as a progenitor vampire, she shows to be more superior in not only physical but mental strength. This was shown even when she was only 10 years old, when she changed both her demon parents into weapons and made successful contracts with them all at once. It could possibly have been because they are relatives. She can also easily escape or block illusions that are supposed to be powerful enough to even paralyze a vampire of noble status. This is credited by Hanael to her mother sword since it specializes in illusions, it also practically makes her immune to illusions or delusionary spells.

It is later revealed that during her times at the Hyakuya Sect, she was trained to avoid human blood and attack vampires. She was also taught to be loyal to humans and hate vampires. This mentality was tattooed into her personality even after her memory loss.

Sensory Abilities/Sixth Sense Edit

Despite her natural sensory abilities as a nobel vampire, she shows to be very observant to other people’s intentions or feelings. She shows this when she first meets Guren, however she never tries to get down as to why she feels a demonic presence. She easily shrugs this off saying that he has a Demon Weapon so it was obvious, but still strange. She also can hear a demon weapons thoughts, despite not having a contract with them.

Literacy Edit

Thanks to her vampire citizenship and noble rank, she has access to an unknown large library in Sanguiem except its restricted section, which is only available to Krul Tepes. Because she was born in Japan, she can speak, read, and write in Japanese. She states that she is also knowledgeable of Romantic, Germanic and Italic languages, which includes English, German, Latin, and Spanish. However, it is unknown how much she knows. She teaches Mikaela Latin to use for spells, but he has yet to show this yet. She also taught Mikaela how to read and write Kanji during their four years together.