Ichizo Sakoshita
Ichizo Sakoshita Profile Image
Name Ichizo Sakoshita
Kanji 佐古下 市造
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Cursed Gear
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Ritsu Sakoshita (Older Sister)
Kumi Sakoshita (Younger Sister)
Keishi Sakoshita (Elder Brother)
First Appearance
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Ichizo Sakoshita 「佐古下 市造」is the third child in the Sakoshita family.

Appearance Edit

He is a boy with layered light brown hair and large purple eyes. He has been noted to have an ottermode body type, and tends to wear exceedingly loose clothing.

Personality Edit

Ichizo is very athletic, which is why he attends multiple sports programs and extensive camps. For this reason, he does not go to a public high school. He's said to be very disciplined when it comes to conditioning, and his passion for the sports he participates in generally keep him from slacking.

Aside from his aspiring career as an athlete, his siblings say he's a very strange person to decode. Ritsu says he is "loud and quiet at the same time", Kumi says he "only cares for inner beauty." They all agree, however, that silence with him in the room is awkward.