Keishi Sakoshita
Keishi Sakiyurai Mugshot
Name Keishi Sakoshita
Kanji 佐古下 啓示
Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Male
Age 18
Professional Status
Cursed Gear
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Ritsu Sakoshita (Younger Sister)
Kumi Sakoshita (Younger Sister)
Ichizo Sakoshita (Younger Brother)
First Appearance
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Keishi Sakoshita「佐古下 啓示 , Sakoshīta Keishi」is the eldest child of the Sakoshita family.

Appearance Edit

Described by his own siblings, he's a by-the-book "pretty boy" who is often approached by women and men alike due to it. He is a tall young man that has "sunshine honey" pink (said by Kumi) hair and brown eyes.

Personality Edit

Though he may appear gentle, Keishi is devoted to his family in a way that puts them above common decency. It is not uncommon for him to lie about certain qualifications in order to get a job, or to falsify his happiness around his siblings so they don't question him since he's aware that he is not good at taking responsibility.

He is in fact a pathological liar, and puts vainglory in himself for providing for his family the way he does.