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Vlad Tepes (Birth Name)
Name Senbonmaru
Vlad Tepes (Birth Name)
Kanji 千本丸
Vital Statistics
Race Demon
Vampire (formerly)
Gender Female
Birthday 1428 (?)
Age Unknown
Height 167 cm
Weight 54 kg
Blood Type Unknown
Professional Status
Affiliation Japanese Imperial Demon Army (Formerly)
Akane Hyakuya
Section Moon Demon Company (Formerly)
Shinoa Squad
Rank Black Demon Series
Cursed Gear
Personal Status
Status Cursed
Relatives Unknown Father (deceased)
Unknown Mother (deceased)
First Appearance
Light Novel Owari no Seraph: Ascended Demons and Fallen Angels
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Senbonmaru (千本丸, ?) is a high-ranked possession-type demon of the Black Demon Series. She formed a contract with Akane Hyakuya and became her Cursed Gear in Seraph of the End: Ascended Demons and Fallen Angels. Her birth name is Vlad Tepes, the Count Dracula.





Story: Rising Demons, Falling AngelsEdit

Forms and AbilitiesEdit

  • Demon's Thrall: Ketsueki-o can enter his host's dreams and enter their memories to create nightmares of his host's past in order to break his host's will and take over their body. This ability can only be used against his host.
  • Basic Form: Ketsueki-o takes the form of a silver ornate spear that can be manifested anywhere at anytime. Even without having a physical form, calling out his name encases the bearer in a deep black aura.
  • Kazikli Bey: Normally impossible for a possession-type demon, this ability calls out stakes: "the concept of being impaled". By stabbing the ground with the spear or thrusting out her hand, Akane causes innumerable numbers of sharp points to erupt out of the ground. She could also cause stakes to erupt out of the adversary's body.

Quotes: Rising Demons, Falling AngelsEdit